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October 02, 2008


Do you like movies?  I like movies.

Sometimes I'll see a movie once and think, "Damn.  That was great but I'll never watch it again."  Saving Private RyanWe Are Marshal , and Born On the Fourth of July are a few that come to mind.

And then there are movies that draw me in - no matter what point I come across them.  

So here are five movies I'll watch all the way to the credits no matter what point I walk in on them.  I know this because it's happened.

1.  Pulp Fiction .  I'm trying to think of a scene in this one that was just for filler.  Even all the dialogue is rewatchable.  (I just invented that word).

2.  Napoleon Dynamite .  I like random, quirky movies where nothing really happens.  Scratch that, I love them.

3.  Friday .  Chris Tucker at his absolute best.  Ice Cube at his best.   I probably quote this movie more than any other.  "YOU WANT SOME DEBO!?!"

4. Shawshank Redemption .  And it's a long one.  This movie had one of the best endings ever and the dude that narrates it has a great voice.  He should narrate more stuff.

5. Tommy Boy .  Put this one on a continuous loop and I'll be happy.

I just saw Eagle vs Shark .  It might make the list but it's yet to be proven.  I can't wait.