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October 15, 2009


To all those crazies out there bathing in hand sanitizer, refusing to eat ballpark hot dogs and actually concerned about whether or not your GP is packing tamiflu, let me ease your burden with this reality. If Death wants you, Death will take you. Death is not particular. Death has no manners. Death doesn't care that you have other things to do. I'm not saying court death by strapping a steak to your neck and running around a lion reserve or by eating your cigarettes after you smoke them and I'm not trying to say that you will NEVER have a debilitating illness if you just don't care about whatever certain death the media is propogating on any given day...you may very well be a victim of a flu pandemic or grow a second head because you've ingested too many chloroforms from ingesting ice cream from a truck!! It can happen. It just probably won't. Take comfort in the fact that you will, in fact, DIE, one way or another, so who cares how? Death will come. Do you feel better now??