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July 21, 2011

Some venting I did back in college

I hate school yes i do
i detest it and so should you
exams exams, cram cram
there really are no green eggs and ham

tonight i sit, and study away
tomorrow i write, and hope and pray
will i do well, i surely hope so
if i don't, graduation is a no

how can it all be set on one
exams suck, and stink of dung
i should have studied, tried harder and harder
instead i delayed, and watched time go farther

xbox, netflix, porno, sleep
how much i would give for just one more week
to study, to read, to do all the things i didn't do
no drinking, no facebook, not even poo

but instead i sit here, worried about tomorrow
if i don't ace the exam, my life will be sorrow
all i want is a C in the course to pass
then later i can worry about getting some ass

tick tock, tick tock time is ticking
i have 6 more hours till the sun is spitting
help me get an A, oh someone help me please
vivarin, ritalin, adderall, give me a release

i write this to vent, and bicker and moan
just another way of procrastinating, my mind just roams
for all of you left, do not follow my path, or else
school's a bitch, and a mother fucker to pass