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May 04, 2011

What to do for your next vacation

CHEAP VACATIONS AND TRAVEL SERVICE is giving you the family vacations of a lifetime at NO cost to you!! That's right, we have contracted with many vendors in many exotic locales so that you and your family can take a trip without the hassle and expense. Isn't that what you really want?

How do I get a free all-expense paid vacation?  Once you arrive at your indicated vacation destination, all that you'll have to do is a little vacation pre-work and then you're free to enjoy your VACATION!

What is this pre-work? Hardly anything at all..it's just 48 hours of some exhilarating, joyous FAMILY FUN that will have you and yours telling stories for years.

Sounds great! What family fun is it? You may have heard the term "sweat shop" used sometimes as a demeaning term for these vendors (we prefer to call them APPLIED LABOR ESTABLISHMENTS). However nothing can be further from the truth. A few hours at one of these places and your day will just FLY by and you'll be on your way to enjoying that vacation you've always wanted FREE OF CHARGE!!!!

What locations can I go to? Excellent question. Here's an idea of some of the locales you can travel to and the "pre-work" that you'll be working on when you get there:

Thailand (Yak Scoopers and Elephant Q-Tips)
Hawaii (Pineapple Cozies...yeah..just try and put those on for an hour without getting scratched!)
Hong Kong (Tibetan Monk Chimes...yeah like the Tibetan Monks have time to make these!)
New Zeeland (Cans for Pringles Potato Chips..no they don't get filled here!)
China (Car Assembly Line...installing tires)
Ireland (Green back scratchers)
Texas (Snail Saddles---yes, we round those up in Texas..just like the cattle!!)
Michigan (Orange construction zone cones)
Alaska (Igloo Space Heaters)
Washington D.C. (Red tape)

Contact us today so you can start your FREE expenses paid exotic vacation today!!!