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July 06, 2017

Think you're well coordinated? Combining these three activities is a good way to find out.

How coordinated are you? For a quick test to find out, try this: can you pat your head and rub your belly while launching the first manned mission to Mars?

Think you’re well coordinated and good at multitasking? Combining these three activities is a pretty good way to find out. If you can pat your head repeatedly, while at the same time rubbing your belly in a circular motion and launching the first manned mission to Mars, you are a very good multitasker.

pat your head thumbnail.jpg

Difficult to do these things by themselves. Even more difficult while launching a rocket to Mars containing humans.

The test works because it forces you to divide your thought process. It will be difficult for the normally coordinated person to keep the patting and rubbing motions separate, especially while also raising the funds necessary for a space mission that will take several years, and then heading up the preparation and completion of this mission. There is a lot of coordination to be done, from gathering the world’s leading scientists, to the substantial equipment tests and state of the art technology updates, which is very hard to do while patting your head and rubbing your belly.

If you can do even two of these three things for an extended period of time, you’re at least pretty good at multitasking, especially if one of those two is the Mars one.


Difficult to get to. Even more difficult while trying to pat your head and rub your belly.

We theoretically have everything we need to get to Mars, but all of the technology involved will need to be improved. A new battery will need to be invented. The exterior of a rocket will need to be revamped to survive the nine months in space it will take to get there. The fuel intake system will require significant improvements. Not to mention the unprecedented level of training expected of the astronauts. Heading all of this up would be difficult even if you weren’t juggling two other attention diverting activities. This is certainly a much harder gauge than walking and chewing gum.

rocket 2.jpg

Already mastered this? Then here’s a tougher one. Stand up and put your foot in the air. Move your foot in a circular motion, counterclockwise. Now, put your finger in the air and try to draw a six at the same time. Amazingly frustrating, isn’t it? Now, at the same time try to launch the first manned mission to Mars. Can you do it? Don’t worry if you can’t, this one is very difficult.

So the next time you’re friend is boasting about being a great multitasker, ask them to try this. If they can pat their head, while rubbing their belly and launching the first manned mission to Mars, they have earned the right to brag.

By the way, if you go to the moon again instead it doesn’t fucking count.