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January 21, 2015

Well, would you believe it?

Recent studies have shown that it’s too much consumption of sugar, not fat, that’s responsible for the increase of obesity, diabetes, and other adverse health conditions in the United States. Doctors say a little sugar in your diet is OK, but too much can be addictive, toxic, and deadly. But do you really know how much sugar is in the common food items you encounter every day? We put your sugar knowledge to the test below.


Would you believe it? You should. I mean, not just because we’re telling you it is true. We’re just some dumb website. Websites get facts wrong all the time. But in this case, it is the truth. That’s more than the 37.5 grams of sugar per day maximum that doctors suggest. Wowza!


Well, would you believe this figure? You believed the 40 grams thing pretty easily. It could be true. Soda is really unhealthy for you, we all know that. And I mean, unless you’re a scientist, you probably don’t have any real sense of how much a gram is. What is a gram, anyway? Do you know? Would you believe it’s the weight of the one-centimeter-in-diameter gold ring that King Louis IV wore on his index finger? Would you believe that? You shouldn’t, because that is not true.


Would you believe this figure? 0.6 grams seems pretty low. Maybe? But then again, strawberries are very sweet and sugar is naturally occurring in fruit and stuff. Right? So maybe you don’t believe it now because you’re thinking that it is more than that? Well, you’re wrong. Again, we are not scientists and we didn’t, like, test this in a lab or anything. But we did look it up on Wikipedia. Then we went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole about the sound barrier. Would you believe that the main reason that birds can’t break the sound barrier is because their wings are too brittle and the sonic boom would instantly shatter their spine? You shouldn’t because that is definitely something we just made up. But the 0.6 grams of sugar in a strawberry thing is true.


Wouldn’t it be shocking if this were true, the same amount of sugar in a strawberry as a can of soda? It is not true, though. If you answered “yes” that you would believe this, please consider the fact that you are too quick to believe sensational information.


You wouldn’t believe that? No? Well, guess what, Einstein, we poured a packet of sugar in that glass of water and it dissolved so you couldn’t see it. So it DOES have 32 grams of sugar. You shouldn’t be so quick to decide the facts of a situation when you don’t have all of the information necessary to accurately make a decision.


Because if you would, then you’re a fucking idiot.