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April 14, 2014

Replacing a garden with canned goods...funny?


The main thing we’ll need for this prank is a vegetable garden!

Do you have an acquaintance that boasted about how their tomatoes were growing during the season?  Perhaps one made a passing reference to how much time it takes them to clean their vegetables from their backyard?  Maybe you just glanced at their backyard and noticed some plants?

Since it’s late in the season, your potential target may actually know about gardening and already removed the vegetables (it’s done to avoid the frost, people!?)

However- we’re going to hope that they’re first time gardeners that didn’t remove their plants during this chilly month to have a better effect (or save this prank for a hotter season-I know that I miss it already.)

Our mission this week is to invade their garden and replace some of their vegetables/plants with something better!

First of all, make sure that your victim would have a sense of humour and appreciates a good “burn” (no Kelso.)

Once it’s established that they have a garden (or if it’s at a dorm/condo, maybe they possess a few plants/veggies on their balcony), make note of what they have (Tomatoes? Mint Leaves? Maybe even peas?)

Go to your local grocery store (or dollar store) and seek out some canned veggies- Let’s say that your victim had tomatoes… if that’s the case, grab some cans of tomatoes (diced, pureed or whole- listen to your heart.)

If they’re growing basil, get a small bottle of spice that contains basil.  Simple enough, no?


Find a time when they won’t be around (or will be distracted by the company of others… a good sidekick in this prank will do wonders for pulling this off swimmingly), and make your way to their garden.  Take out some of the roots that you plan to replace.

Worst case scenario: If they already removed the veggies and plants from their garden, you could compromise and just place the cans into their garden anyways… trust me, they will notice a change in their former garden.


Hide the roots in their yard somewhere, and put the cans of non-perishable goods in place of them.


Sneak out, and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished- Your victim may even be envious of how you cleverly pulled this off!