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November 25, 2008


As we all know its holiday time, and getting together with the family at Thanksgiving or Christmas is one of our all time favorite things, Especially if your family is as dysfunctional as mine. Why  is it allways Uncle Fred that takes his clothes off instead of my young cousins hottie little girlfriend. Then our family comes from Tennessee, Vols and Vandy fans, Florida, State and U. of Florida, Alabama. half of the S.E.C. and the top two teams in the country represented. so no football... so you guessed it, WE GET DRUNK AND FIGHT. Good memories, good captions... Happy Holidays everyone.....  yea good times.


Thanks again to STOLLMW for bestowing me the honor of judging your homework this evening. There were so many good caps, I was "literally torn." Dave threw up a curve ball, and many of you turned on that sucker sending out of the ballpark. Since I was judging and did not get to partake in the fun, I offer you the "judge's caption that never was"

"On the whole it's a pretty scary ride!"

Now then, on to the winners. With absolutely no bias, these are the ones that made me laugh:

Winner: jimbobalouie -- "Sponsored by Anusol!" -- Nailed it.

1st Runner Up: sabre419 -- "This reminds me of going to the State Fair with Uncle Larry..... I don't talk to Uncle Larry any more." -- I love that you have comedic timing through text. "Log Ride" was a gem too.

Honorable Mention -- stacbrant -- "And that same day, three friends made a life-long pact to never discuss their trip to the amusement park." I just laughed again when I pasted it. Bravo.

There were too many people with good caps to mention, you all rock!