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February 27, 2012



  In a surprising move, the United States today reopened diplomatic channels with the Republic of Grigovia. The two nations recalled their diplomatic staff last year after a succession of incidents that culminated in a spat of very nasty, very public name-calling. Tensions began when at a session of the United Nations the Grigovians accused the American delegation and its European allies of turning a blind eye to Russian aggression in the region.


  Named for Grigov the Watchful, the 13th century national hero who first sighted an invading Mongol horde, Grigovia split from the Russian Federation in 1993. Sitting high in the Caucasus mountains, this nation of four hundred thousand people sits atop potentially vast deposits of rare earth minerals. Upon hearing the news, the heads of state of dozens of different nations telephoned each other in an effort to puzzle out just what the Americans were up to.


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