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April 27, 2010


    Who poops in the middle stall?  I mean seriously.  In a three stall  situation you NEVER poop in the middle stall.  Any decent human being leaves, what I like to call, "the buffer stall".  Basically if there has to be another person in the bathroom with you there is a stall that separates THE TWO HUMANS POOPING!  Think about it.  Do you really  want  to be just inches away from someone releasing fecal matter from their ass?!  
    BUT, if everything goes well and you do get "the buffer stall" between you and a fellow pooping patron be prepared for the perfect storm aka "the third pooper".  This inconsiderate/nasty bastard is the guy, who without hesitation, will USE "the buffer stall" to take a dump.  You NEVER use the buffer stall!   Imagine that picture now.  You have three people pooping just inches from each other only separated by the thin inches of a plastic wall that couldn't even pass as the door to a cat house.  Remember, respect "the buffer stall" and don't ever be the guy who poops in between two  other dudes.  

P.S.  When pooping in the  multiple person poop situation, refrain from moaning like your getting off.  Just weird man.

-Hoi Polloi

Next week:  The guy who farts while he's peeing.