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April 27, 2009


Ok I have decided to shoot another video. I can't decide which one to do, so I decided to let you guys decide for me. Off topic one second.... I went to see MONSTERS VS. ALIENS 3D I highly recomend it, it was fenominal. If you go take a kid you don't look like a pervert. Also if you wear clown makeup you get to set in a whole row by yourself and no one will bother you.
Here is a list of video's I want to shoot, I will make the one you guys choose by most votes first.
1. Clown Father 2............ hard one to do will take the longest.
2. The incredible Charlie 2..... not the funniest one to do but easy to put together.
3. The fourty dollar dude........ I want to do this one its based on the six million dollar man but this dude is 
the recession version and not so super.
4. The Pogo warrior.............. Kung Fu  has never been done untill it has been done on a Pogo stick.
5.  The news through grizz's eyes............Need software upgrade to get this done.
All of these will be done in time, I just want to know which one you want to see first. really. I'm trying to get my shit together over here, its just hard to do when your an idiot. I'm surrounded by Idiots, thats what I get for doing this room in mirrors. 
 If you go see the movie, only go to the 3D version, the 3D is half the movie.