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December 21, 2011

CNN accidentally showed a screen shot of a bunch of tweets including a plea from a porn star that you send her $40 in exchange for a blow job. She'd also like you to retweet her.

Normally, watching CNN during the day is miserable. Unless something especially "newsworthy" has happened, it's mostly anchors talking about iPad apps and showing you YouTube videos. "Have you guys heard of this whole Angry Birds thing? And look at this raccoon breaking into a hardware store!" CNN covers the news during the day like a chef who gives up and has cereal for dinner. The only good thing that ever happens on CNN before 5:00 is when they introduce "Kate Baldwin," and then they show her name, and it's "Kate Bolduan." That -- we all have to admit -- is a little fun. On Wednesday, however, a pretty good non-Kate-Bolduan thing happened. In fact, it was amazing.

At about 1:08 PM EST on CNN Newsroom, there was a story about the House Republicans walking away from the deal Senate Republicans had made with Senate Democrats to extend the payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits. Republican Congressman Fred Upton from Michigan was being interviewed. Right off the bat, you could tell there wouldn't be a video of an iguana stealing popcorn from an elderly lady or whatever, so already that was awesome.


Then, the anchor brought up that if the payroll tax cut expired, it would mean about $40 less per paycheck for an average earner. She then mentioned that the White House Twitter account had started the hashtag, "#40dollars" to try to pressure House Republicans. The White House had asked, "What does #40dollars mean to you?"

CNN 2.jpg

And, as the congressman and anchor went back and forth, shots of a computer screen showing some tweets on it began running as B-roll.

CNN 4.jpg

This is where the amazingness took over. CNN clearly didn't intend for its viewers to read these tweets. It was just a visual aide to show that this thing was, in fact, happening on Twitter. They scrolled quickly down the screen for a second or two before getting back to the shot of the interview. And if you weren't paying attention, you would have missed it. But if you thought something felt a bit off for second, and you rewound your DVR back to the moment right before they cut back to Fred Upton, you would have seen this:

CNN 3.jpg

Let's zoom in a little on that second to last tweet.

cnn 5.jpg

YESSSSSS! CNN! They showed a tweet from a porn star named Vicky Vette participating in the 40-dollar-hashtag. "If every single one of my followers gives me #40dollars ~~ I will blow you all rt." The "rt" at the end is perfection. And for one fleeting moment on Wednesday, daytime CNN was perfection as well.

Here's Vicky Vette's tweet so you can follow her and send her $40. You know, so you can get blown. Don't forget to RT.

Picture 47.png


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