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July 08, 2014

Did you see the most awkward moment so far of the World Cup 2014?

This past month has been all about the World Cup in Brazil. Even if you are not a fan of football you simply can’t escape the avalanche of Facebook posts, tweets, articles, news, photos and videos about the event. Apparently, the buzz about the World Cup 2014 has reached not only every single human on the planet, but the bugs as well. If you wonder what I am talking about then you surely missed one of the most awkward moments of FIFA’s championship.


During the quarter final match between Brazil and Colombia a huge insect landed on the arm of the Colombian top scorer – James Rodriguez. It landed just before the football player shoot for a penalty and it flew away shorty after he scored.


The bug experts said that this is a type of cricket called Katydid and its size is common for Brazil. So the insect isn’t a mutant,just a regular South American cricket. What’s more curious about the katydid is its Brazilian name “esperanza”which literally translates to “hope”. And when you think about it, the giant insect actually managed to bring hope to the Colombian fans for several minutes. If only it had landed on James Rodriguez'arm just one more time.

Wish you more “esperanza” on the next World Cup, Colombia!