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September 18, 2008


Ever since the day we were born my brother and I (siamese twins) have been fighting. We where at eachothers throats for 16 years until the operation we got to be seperated. We kept in the hospital until the doctors were sure enough the stiches wouldn't open up under no surcomstances. After we go into the car with our parents to drive home my brother and I were arguing about whos stiches less hidious. My brother got so angy he slaped my stiches and said now whos stiches were better. I quickly retaliated and slaped his stiches. After a few more stiches my mom pulled the car over and yelled at us to clam the fuck down. I told her that my brother started it. He denied it and punched my arm. I then punched him on the leg. My dad shouted at us so dad that he colaped a lung. I then toled my brother now look what you did. He replied me that was all you. I punched him in the ribbs and pushed him. He started to cough up blood. My mother (holding my father in her arms) said to us what the hell is wrong with you two. Your fathers dying but you continue to argue. I said I'm sorry to my brother and helped him out of the car to get some air while my mom drove my dad to the hospital. After a few minutes my brother was fine. I tried to ask him if he wanted anything but before I could finish my sentence he tackled me and started to hit me repetedly. I was on the ground taking the beating. I started to feel around for something I can use. I first object I felt was a bottle so I slamed it against his head. He fell on the ground and started bleeding. I started to run away but he through a rock at my back. I fell to the floor clinching my back in pain. My brother started to walk towards my so I had to do something. I stood up and ran away. He cased after me. I looked back to see how far away he is but before I could look back infront of me I slamed into a cop car. I hit the floor my nose was bleeding and out of breth, the cop got out of the car and asked if I was alright. Before I couldget up my brother came. He told the officer to please back up and continued to hit me. After 6 or 7 punches I hit my brother in the nose. I quickly got up on my feet. The officer pulled out his gun and told us to stop. The officer arrested us bother for desturbing the peace. He put my in the back seat first. When the officer was coming around the car to get my brother, he noticed that the door to the drivers seat was still open. From the outside my brother steped on the gas peddle and jamed it so it wouldn't go back up. with my in the car, the car started speeding forwards and crashed into a gas station and exploded. I jumed out at the last second so I didn't die but I was hurt pretty badly. My brother kneed the officer in the stomach and stole the keys and unlocked his hand cuffs. He took the officers night stick and ran towards me. He crossed the street running like a crazed maniac. Cars swerved trytinf not to hit him. One even ran into a fire hydrant and water shot in the air. I ran away trying to find something to brake my handcuffs. I saw a store that sold old weapons. I ran inside and found an ole pear. I turned around and cut through the handcuffs with the spears blade. I grabed the coolest looking samurai sword in the store and ran outside. My brother and I walked towards eachother then walking turned into running. He swung the night stick At my head I dodged it but barely. I tried to stab him but he ducked. We were evenly matched. We fought and fought for 2 days strait until we colapeds. the cops saw this as an oppertunity to arrest us. My brother and I are not aloud in the same state anymore. I still wonder till this day (this happened 13 years ago) who would have won our fight.