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November 17, 2008


When I was a little girl and we would go for our infamously long car rides to the cottage...at some point my brother would spontaneously punch me. Hard. I would ask him "Why?", and he would declare that there was an imaginary line seperating our space in the back and tell me that whatever body part he had punched was apparantly violating this unspoken territorial divide. Not wanting to fight (as I preferred to daydream out the window), I would tuck myself onto "my side" and ignore him. Soon, he would either drape an arm or a leg passed the "friendship ditch", and I would have to ask him why he was now in violation of his own accord. Violence ensued. Since he was more prone to bruising than me, I usually ended up getting in trouble for marking my brother. There is an insanity there, a need to be aggressive and to seek confrontation which it would seem a lot of men don't grow out of. Take the shit head that I live with. Unprovoked, he will strike out and say very hurtful and also untrue things about me in attempt to get some attention. ? I guess. I know that he seeks to actually damage me more than he does and I feel sorry for the next girl because I'm sure he'll be smart enough to court someone, lets' just call it, less confident than myself who won't respond with laughter and unrepentant disdain. I have informed him of his douchedom. I have pointed out when he is saying things about me or any one of my friends, all I hear is "douche" "douche" "I'm such a douche" ringing in my ears. See, it bothers him that I have friends, so he needs to knock them. If my friends haven't been around, then it's all about what a drain of life that I apparantly am. So...why doesn't he just leave? 1) he knows I'll quite happily go on with a douche free life and he can't t stand that idea. And 2) he knows that he is talking out his ass and all he really wants to do is start a fight. WHY? Why doesn't he go and jerk off like the rest of us and get it out of system. Douche.