Fred Thomas Jr. presents

derf samoht’s

Redhook and Brownsville: That’s Crazy Son! Episode 7 (Cosmetic Cutie)


Redhook: Yo! Wut up son?

Brownsville: Man, just came from shopping with my girl.

Redhook: Oh word!

Brownsville: Just bought her a new weave with leather and suede tracks.

Redhook: That’s hot!

Brownsville: I know… last week she had the breast implants, she got the

                     lipo-suction, tummy tuck, butt implants, nose job, callagen

                     injections, green contacts… all dat.

Redhook: Kid, you’re going to have the hottest shortie in the neighborhood!

Brownsville: Yup, cause next week she’s getting a USB slot implanted so I

                      can hook my IPOD to her and she can play music while we

                      make love.

Redhook: Wow! That’s crazy beautiful son!