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November 24, 2010

Two dudes from the Hood, who stand on the corner to philosophize, analyze and give their witty street spin on popular topics and events in the world.



Fred Thomas Jr. presents

derf samoht’s

Redhook and Brownsville: That’s Crazy Son! Episode 7 (Cosmetic Cutie)


Redhook: Yo! Wut up son?

Brownsville: Man, just came from shopping with my girl.

Redhook: Oh word!

Brownsville: Just bought her a new weave with leather and suede tracks.

Redhook: That’s hot!

Brownsville: I know… last week she had the breast implants, she got the

                     lipo-suction, tummy tuck, butt implants, nose job, callagen

                     injections, green contacts… all dat.

Redhook: Kid, you’re going to have the hottest shortie in the neighborhood!

Brownsville: Yup, cause next week she’s getting a USB slot implanted so I

                      can hook my IPOD to her and she can play music while we

                      make love.

Redhook: Wow! That’s crazy beautiful son!