Battefield Earth: part 2 in 3D ( Since the first movie only used the first half of the L. Ron Hubbard book. Am saying we finish off the story in a new 3D movie. That is sure to do a lot better than the first movie and it's to be a lot cooler than the first movie for sure my friends. Made by Scientologists and staring Scientologists. Come on for L. Ron Hubbard my famous Scientologists freinds with all the pull. Am telling it will be a good one for sure you all. Remember friends that all religions Transcend because we are all creation of the infinite source that is everything and more. Always in the infinitly unique oneness that is life.  Because to understand the oneness that is all. We must understand the infinite unique differences of life. You know real yin and yang sh*t. ONE LOVE. Sidenote: i know i know i keep bringing up these idea but it so needs to be done players. For L. Ron) 

Tom ( Aka The Myspace movie. Hey if they can make one about facebook and 2 Steve Job movies i think one about Myspace can be done and then you can do one about twitter. F*ck it ! ) 

Ghost 3D Ghost Special Edition #1 Dark Horse, Jul-1994 It's A Man's World. The movie. The Storyline is based on Elisa Cameron's quest to discover the truth around her evident death. Staring ( Kate Voegele ) as Ghost.  Sidenote: Ghost would make for a really cool t.v show and so would Barb Wire. Movie first. Then if it does good t.v show it up. An we need a women to make this movie so lets get that young bad ass ( Lexi Alexander ) to make this movie. Now that has super big time hit all over it baby ! Am hard just thinking about it. So lets get this made my good people.) 

Blade vs The Underworld 3D ( So in this The Vampire race and The Werewolf race have made a pack that they will team up to take out the human race and all hybrid races in the world so there is only Wolf and Vampire. So when Selene's  daughter and Michael are killed and she is about to be killed by a pack of werewolves and vampires working together. As Blade show up and save Selene's life as Selene and Blade then kill the attackers together. An Blade who is lost in what is really going on here in the world gets filled in by Selene, so Selene opens Blade up to what we call the Underworld. An so they make a deal before this sh*t goes down. As long as Selene will fight to help save the human race ( An as we all know she hates humans ) Blade will help her end the Underworld once an for all. An along the way in this story Blade and Selene fall in love with each. ( An yes there is a love making scene ) An so anyways they battle the underworld and win. An at the very end we find out that Selene is pregnant with Blades baby. So yep the hybrid race will live on after all. Even after Selene and Blade are dead an long gone from this world. An that babe's name is Edge ( a baby boy that you can make movie, comic books, video games, and t.v shows about him on down the road if you feel the need. ). Rated R. Made by the people who made the people who made the Blade movies teaming up with the people who made the underworld movies. Making a cult classic hit that will live on forever as one of the best movies off all time. Staring Wesley Snips as Blade and Kate Becklinsale as Selene. One last time.  F*CK YEAH ! ) 

Major League ( The The T.V. So Think of this show as if money ball and the Major League movies had a baby together. So in this one x M.L.B player and X M.L.B Manager Leonard Huff ( Ted Mcginley ) is bring back the Montreal Expos to play in Olympic Stadium again as the Head Owner and GM of the Montral Expos. To play in the N.L east again as the new expansion team for the M.L.B. An each season of the show is one whole season of the Expos. Well they ever get a new stadium and will they ever stop sucking or will they just not be a team again because they have no fans ? Find out in Major League the t.v show. Rated T.V MA. Made by David S. Ward. ) 

The Wrong Way ( A very dark comedy based off that one Sublime song "Wrong Way".  Annie Rollie. She is a 16 year old with a dead mom, a drunk ass dad, an 7 horny brothers. Annie Rollie drops out of High School and runs aways from home. An she meets 21 year old punk rocker Bradley James on the streets. An they hook up and start doing things together the wrong way out here in Long Beach California. An this show will be wrote by Harmony Korine and directed by John Waters, now that a f*cking team. Making this John Waters first ever t.v show. Rated T.V MA. O yes just the way i like very sick and twisted. Staring ( Skyler Samuels ) as the run away Annie Rollie and ( Jake Abel ) as are bad boy Bradley James. Now the the good times roll. )