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March 23, 2014

Here are a few of the hilarious mistakes you may have missed from the series.


While we’re all forced to wait until June 2015 for Vinnie Chase and the rest of the fellas to show us how it’s done on the big screen (took you long enough guys!!), let’s take a look back at a few of the hilarious mistakes you may have missed from 'Entourage' the series.

1. About that Rolls Royce… In the second episode of the series, “The Review,” Vince shrugs off the bad reviews coming in for his movie, ignores the advice of his accountant and splurges on a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom. In the very next scene, however, it is obvious that Vince is driving the very same Rolls Royce Phantom, but that all of the characters on the show are assholes.

2. Woops! When Turtle makes fun of Gary Busey’s paintings in the episode “Busey and The Beach,” we can see that he’s wearing a backward red and black hat. For some reason, when Turtle is leaving the gallery moments later, he’s still wearing the exact same hat, but Jerry Ferrara’s acting is really bad.

3. Did they think we wouldn’t notice?! In seasons 1 and 2, Ari’s wife is played by the actress Perrey Reeves. In seasons 3 through 8, Ari’s wife is again played by Ms. Reeves, but the dialogue on the show sounds like it was written by seventh graders.

4. Editing Goof! Marlon Brando’s mansion, which Vince falls in love with in the episode “Aquamansion,” clearly has a tree in the front yard when we first see it. In an embarrassing editing oversight, the guys come back for a second viewing and we can see that the tree is still there but that the show ran out of compelling story ideas after the first two episodes.

5. Hair blooper! In the Season 2 episode “Blue Balls Lagoon,” Sloan tells E that the painting Ari gave Vince is a fake and in that scene Sloan’s hair is parted slightly to the left. In the next shot, the discerning viewer will notice that Sloan’s hair is still parted slightly to the left, but that the writers of the show are engaging in one long, gratuitous male-fantasy-fulfillment jerk-off session rather than spoofing the extravagances of Hollywood as some had originally hoped.

6. Accidental Drama! In Season 7’s classic episode “Tequila Sunrise,” Vince’s meeting with John Stamos goes terribly wrong. Looking to help out his “baby bro,” Johnny Drama decides to go to Bob Saget and ask for advice, but Kevin Dillon’s face is annoying.