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April 01, 2008


just wanted to use my last few moments in the chamber to mention my personal affinity for the art form known as music. i love it. i saves me daily, moment by moment. if i couldn't call up certain Sting tunes in my head anytime i wanted i'm sure i'd have given in to my darker, violent impulses too many times to not end up incarcerated permanently. if i did not have the ability to play Led Zepplin I & II front start to finish, word for word, in my own brain, complete with a self-dreamed music video i would have to succumb to the crippling power of my migrane headaches at least once a week. and if i did not constantly hear my own music, pre-written and brand new to me, i don't think i would be capapble of happiness. if the music in my head stopped, and i mean my own music that is constantly playing, constantly changing with my moods and situations, i might just stop moving altogether. so if you ever see someone just sitting on the floor, or in the middle of the sidewalk, staring blankly at the ground in front of them. go hum a happy tune in their ear, it's probably me and i need the music to survive. it's the one thing i can't lose so i'm glad that i can create my own. what does that for you?