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September 28, 2008


Tommy Chong is my myspace friend and I found out that Cheech and Chong is playing at the casino in Tucson on October 5.The cheapest seat are $30 bucks and my friend Lindsay can't find no handicap seating for the $30 price range.I was lucky enough to see them live back in 1978 after up in smoke came out in their heyday.The tickets back then only cost 13 bucks and that was for the good seats.They did this bit where they played two dogs sniffing each other asses.They wore pants;we talking Cheech and chong ,not G.G.Allin.My mom said she couldn't believe that she spent 26 bucks to see two grown men smell each others asses!That's when I had an epiphany,my life's work will be to freak out people little minds!!!I can't choice between Cheech and Chong or catching Down at the rialto.I love my New Orleans metal!