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December 14, 2017

It's time to give credit where credit is due----behind you.


David’s Butt

Your butt is one of your few body parts that for some reason in the English language we have several different names for —-ass, keister, derriere, fanny, and butt. The ear for example we don’t have several names for—-it’s just called an ear.

Why is that?

Perhaps in the beginning when these words were first coined people wanted to show their reverence for and attach importance to—–your butt.

After all think about it, where would you be without your ass? But what does your backside have to do with a donkey (ass)?

They’re both thick. They both make occasional sounds.

An ass, mule or donkey goes, “Hee-Haw!”

A big juicy fart sounds like “Fwwwaaaaaphfffffff!”

The butt is a very pleasing apparition, appearing in rounded shape much like an apple, but what’s most important is it’s functional. It gives you something upon which to sit. It also contains a hole in which can be expended fecal material (while seated). You don’t have to do it on the run.

In other words, without your ass you’d be full of sh’t.

Celebrate your ass or someone else’s with a MemoryTag greeting card. Using your smartphone and the video capability of MemoryTag cards you can record a picture of your ass and send it to someone special.


You could write on the card, “See what you’ve been missing.” This allows the recipient of the card to use their imagination to guess what you mean.

We should celebrate the butt and not use it for an insult.For example sometimes mean people call other people an “A-hole,” referring to the place where you separate processed food from the rest of you. There is nothing hateful or embarrassing about a miracle of nature that God intended when he designed your body—-your ability to take a sh’t.

Sometimes we call people we don’t like “Butt-Head!” A derivation is “Shit-Head,” but again this is just processed food that you didn’t mind eating when you ate that juicy hamburger, did you? You’re a hypocrite. You think your brain is better than your butt. If it wasn’t for your butt however you’d have to spend all your time using your poor overtaxed brain trying to figure out how to get rid of the sh’t you’d be full of.

Why would you try and insult me by comparing me with a part of the human body that I find to be the most pleasing? All this shows is that you don’t know how to properly insult someone. If I called you “Ear-lobe head” for example you would not take offense.

When someone lowers their pants and exposes their butt this is called “Mooning.”

What does the butt have to do with the moon? Both are round, but unless you have an ass pock-marked with holes in it and so white it glows at night—— there is very little similarity.

We often think low of our butts when we should praise them.For example the brain is often praised while the butt is mocked even though if you look closely you can see the butt has often been unfairly maligned. In fact a favorite saying is, “Get you head out of your ass.”

But what is the head, a round object, of rather ugly fat, that weighs about 10 pounds, and is dripping with goo it is unable (unlike the butt) to expel. A….rancid, oozing, sphere filled with snot up your nose and slime around the brain and hardened calcified wax in your ears which is just another type of sh’t that hardens and never goes away.


You don’t call someone you don’t like “Brain-Head!”

No, the butt has been the victim of put-downs for centuries, when we all secretly love it. Look at Britney Spears’ ass and tell me you don’t love that.

Let’s get real. If the butt wasn’t the glory of creation why is the statue of David in the Louvre Museum buck-butt naked? Why should we disparage your butt and use it as an insult?

It’s because we’re a bunch of hung-up Victorian prudes.

Celebrate your ass today send someone a photo of your ass with a MemoryTag card and thank heaven for your ass and those of others. It’s time we appreciate the butt and give it the credit it is due.

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