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March 03, 2011

Why Charlie Sheen's latest rants are bad for Hollywood.

Low budget, zero talent shows have been jamming the airways more and more due to the profit margins involved with reality shows.  Just when you thought that perhaps the general public was getting tired of this dribble, along comes Sheen. 

Sheen's edifice of insanity has writers and psychologist scratching their heads.  His rants are lightning in a bottle drenched in tiger blood.  America has lapped up every last drop of his golden shower of lunacy and their asking for more.  Just imagine him on survivor, he'd be voted off quickly but they wouldn't be able to find him because he'd be up a river with an indigenous tribe like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now! (funny enough, had a Sheen in it)  I bet you eleventy million dollars that Trump would give his right nut to replace one of his celebrity cast right now with Sheen, forget meet loaf, could you imagine the Warlock and Busey locked in the same room for 24 hours with only a rubber chicken and a zu zu pet to keep them occupied?

Alas, I'm not sure how far back we've been set but with people like Sheen throwing fuel on the fire of mediocrity at least we have Funny Or Die as our private oasis surrounded by bland (get it,,, sounds like sand) to wait out the dry period.