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The thumbnail fractal here is supposed to be weeds' point of view, looking out of the fired bowl. Also, DS is Dankspot aka Udank.

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March 19, 2011

Just a little ditty I wrote a couple yrs. ago for my pals at Udank ( then it was DankSpot )

I get the itty bitty sticky icky cheeba in a bowl, funkin own a bic, light it up,  you know that's how I roll.
I get the  hazin blazin dazin phasein' in and out my skull, funkin I exhale, see the scene,  the musics' never dull.
I get the proven groovin soothin moovin music in myself, funkin shake my ass, grab my bag , smoke one to my health.
I get the freakin wreakin  tweekin peakin shit I had last night, funkin take a min. , pack it in, welcome my fractal flight.
I get the bouncy pouncy ouncy mounds to sprinkle in a joint, funkin twist it up, fire it up - dude you see my point?
I get the buffy uffy fluffy puffy stuff I'm waiting for ,funkin get my bowl "The Dragonfly", then I get the door.
I get the  wakin bakin rankin stankin dank from up above, funkin go online, when it's time- give all DS my love.
   ---   FRACTALOR