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September 02, 2010

My name is kerry lewis i was born on june 5 ,1991. my life has been crazy.

My name is kerry lewis i was born on june 5 ,1991. my life has been crazy. when i was born i was dead for almost 20 min and had to be brung back to life by the amazeing doctors that was working with me. i have just got out of high school and trust me i do miss it. i thank about life as in following god and do whats right. one thaing i love is my best friend she is always beside me and always makeing sure that i am ok. i thank god for giveing a life of love and family that cares. i have leared that you can not beleave everythaing that you here case some times it will not be true. i do have a wish to be famous case i have the looks of a model and the voice to be a singer. i would also like to meet justin bieber case he has the flow of god alover him and his mom is the best and keeps him in his place. i love friends that are about god and makes me smile. god gave us life and we all should live the way we like to injoy it why we can. we are here on a misson and i thank that if your not smileing and haveing fun then whats the point of liveing. i always tell all of my friends that if your done and out that god is on your side always trust him.my life has been blow the line and i have never had much but the stuff to get me by. i always thank god for my mom she is the one that has been there my whole life.my father has never had nothing to do with me. it makes sad but i move in life and care for the ones that do love me. i always look up to my men and wonmen that has died for me fighting in the war. i love my life until i lost my granny case she mint the world to me. i also took it hard whem mj died case he was the one who made the world the way it is and i love him for that. he is what the song seds gone to soon. he had alot of fans and i cryed when he died. i hope this story will touch some people.