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I do have a vivid imagination My gift and my curse. OOOOh, my bad. not to be offensive but I'm the one who had to live through that shit, and you didn't, so your welcome.

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April 16, 2011

Uh Yea What the hells, what happens when two people live under one roof. how much is too much? once is twice too many. Also what happens when I get heavily pissed at a sibling or someone. Then I put em in a sketch. Some of it's true and some of it is true and composed from my vivid abyss of a mind.

Ok first things first, You gotta start wearing a bra, I mean C'mon seriously. I am your brother and I definitely don't wanna see your snoopy droopy titties. Yes I know it's horrible to mention but son of a bitch its' even worse and Ghostly horrific to see that shit in live action, Oh God I just want to violently skew my eyes out with a fireplace poker that was heated to the temperature of the sun's core, yea that's right. Hmm Now that I think about it maybe that might not be so bad for you, just kidding. Ugh! Very discouraging, second I slightly over heard you said that you changed your face book status to "In a relationship? Huh, so it's serious with you and your guy of the month? So there won't be anymore guys running through here trying to " Hang Out" and be "friends at 12 or 1 or 2 in the morning in this shack of a place? and this means you won't be trying to get your screw on either?
Yes I said it, damn it do you think I'm fucking stupid or something. That's why your a dirty little hamster, really what the hells. Now you bitches can get the fuck out and go to a hotel or he should have his own place or basement/garage with his moms right? What? you did say he was 38 (or 40), what? ( and no offense to guys who still live with their mom, I did too until 20, then again at 24. Then I gave them their own place (fingers crossed hoping to make it as an actor *cough cough* or writer)
But for some reason they love to be at my house. It's like "We're here again, I'm like of course you are why wouldn't you be. You were here when I left this morning and you are when I came back, 9hrs later. I mean your car that's been sitting in my driveway for the past 10 days certainly didn't give it away. Sorry sidetracked.

Okay because hearing that shit is just as bad as walking in on that shit. What if I needed a glass of milk or something? I can see in there from the fridge I would've been blind and traumatized. Somebody could've been killed, like you. I mean that's how serial killers are born bitch. They don't just magically fall out the sky. They are programed and infuriated by the dispicableness (Thanks Looney Tunes) of such an act.

( Now I sound like a prude, an uptight little Pilgrim, is that why all the American founders left Europe, oh it's only a fraction of why they left, Okay, so basically they wanted to do whatever they wanted when ever they wanted and not be chastised or judged by anyone. Or they got sick and feed up with all the B.S. and they exiled themselves unto this new found land inhabited by another culture, what was that Genocide and eradicate them all so that we can claim this land for our own. Sire isn't that immoral and unjust, mainly wrong.  Oh, They were going to kill us in our sleep you say, with those hatchet/machete body carving looking knives. OK to hell with them, let them choke on the sweet American air as they unknowingly suffer from small pox and other bed ridden diseases. Ha HA HA, Ha HA HA ha. But sire what about? Silence! No one interrupts my He-vil, Laugh, HA ha ha ha ha Ha.

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Okay walking up on me when I'm sleep is how you get killed but mind fucking me with that horrendous offense and you know I have a vivid imagination. That lady, is how you get killed in your sleep!!! Lady!!!