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Published December 16, 2011


Christmas has crept up on you out of nowhere and you feel panic coming on and start to sweat. Once again it is time for the symptoms of gift shopping to set in; the lapses in good taste, crazy choices, stress, pressure, it's all come back. Yikes!

Sit back, and relax and keep on reading because there are ways to spot those would be catastrophes early. The following self-help suggestions will save some of your mind and a few dollars if you veer away from these faux pas and give Christmas gifts that your dear ones will enjoy this year.

An Obvious Suggestion

There is nothing better than seeing the expression on faces when they unwrap these goodies: a low calorie cookbook for chubby Aunt Alice, meditation tapes for hunt loving Uncle Joe or how about those eye shadow compacts with 24 choices of colors for Grandma because after all, she really could use a little color in her face.

Dumb Gadgets

We all have those people on our lists that make our minds go completely blank of what to give them as a Christmas gift. It could be your brother-in-law, your boss, but most likely they are usually of the male persuasion for some unknown reason. There is never a hint of what interests them. They have zero style and do not appear to have any needs. That's when you run over to the store that sells guy stuff and spend some insane amount of money on some personalized golf balls and approved by the PGA ball cleaner, for the golf balls that is. You just never know when they might want to show them off to the boys if they ever decide to take up the game.


Learned from bad experiences perhaps, this can be a spotlighted lesson. Lingerie should never be bought for women, unless there has been a recent glimpse of some circled item in Victoria`s Secret catalogue by said female. On your own, you could very well open up a real can of worms by not taking this advice. She opens box-sees a teeny tiny bit of black lace, and starts trying to rationalize why he wants her to wear that. Does he want her to look like a playgirl? Maybe she thinks that he doesn't like her the way she is? Alternatively, maybe he wants to imagine she is someone else. Very silly thoughts, but why take the chance? That gift could end up costing waaaay more than just money. If you must buy lingerie, make sure it's not for your cousin or aunt.

Deadly Weapons

Reflect on this one before buying. Slingshots and water balloons are not always practical when there are unsuspecting people walking by that little kid who loves a practical joke.

Two for the Price of One

You really want that pair of heels and if you buy two pairs the same you only pay for one and there is only 5 minutes left of shopping pleasure before closing this Christmas Eve. Granny will love them.

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