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November 20, 2009


Seriously… I apologize that I get annoyed by things- but I do..


And this JIMMA1 thing irritates the hell out of me….


A re-cap


This is what I wrote inresponse the the Cp-Page disrespect going on...

FYI- Not a Caption JIMM1 is a DICK- Relax with the fucking
retarded spacing- Do you really have to fuck up
everyones morning by fucking up the Cap page
you 1/2 a tard????

Why would I say such mean things you ask? Because this is fucking stupid. Because I am on my work computer trying to slip in a cap on the D-LO and I have some weirdo who has to draw attention to himself for no good reason  freezing up my comp.

This is my profile on JiMMA1


You are definitely the retard that WrIgHtS LiKe ThIs On YoUr MySpAce PaGe Bc U ThInK iT LoOkS KoOl <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ well it doesn’t retardo. You come off like an illiterate tween’..

You have come need to draw attention to yourself for a reason other that your witt…  Your spacing is the FOD equivalent of a guy with a small dick driving a red sports car…



Do.. For now on… instead of annoying people to get notoriety, Put on some Sting, look in the mirror and jerk off you fucking asshole.