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February 08, 2009


Its been a long time since I graced a Gym with my presence. If you have seen any of my videos you can tell. I went and ran-walked-granny raced a mile and did some light free weights. I haveĀ  challenged myself to a new state of health. Now if your body is a temple, my body would be an old Myan temple lost for years to the jungles of time, recently discovered by the some what over confident and mis guided day dreamer in my head. Man does he have his work cut out for him. I noticed alot of people there dedicated to the re invention of themselves, seeking the golden fleece of youth and vigor. So I decided that tommorow I'll be back and in three weeks or so, I should be able to start the hard work outs. I no longer promise myself that I am a new man., I just have decided to turn over an old leaf and try to remember things that brought me happiness in the past.