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December 17, 2011

Manly Man ordering a coffee with whip cream

is it just me, or are ther other men out there that always makes sure they order a coffee from starbucks like they're ordering a whiskey straight from the bar to avoid sounding feminine. I hate to sound chauvinistic, or insult anybody, but I find myself lowering my voice to make it sound deeper than it already is, saying real manly things like, "I wash my hands with bark, and by the way..can I have a latte" or "I shave with a power tool, please pass the vanilla shaker, thanks".

I don't know, it just doesn't sit well with me, it's almost like going to a biker bar and ordering a Shirly Temple, or Strawberry Daiquiri. Then I get extremely paranoid, and start acting like George Costanza on Sienfeld. Other people on the line start looking, and I'm like "I don't drink coffee with whipo cream...that's for sissy's right!" And then everybody on line get's offended....all because i'm self conscience about having whip cream in my coffee.....

Now that's Exploited Jive Suckas!!