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June 21, 2017

A truly inspiring story about a man and his snapchat

Kevin Rawlings of Winnetka, Illinois recently revealed toreporters outside of his home that he is, in some ways, an outlier. You see,Kevin Rawlings takes 64% of his Snapchats while not sitting on the toilet. He takes most of them while sitting on his couch. This is a shocking new development in a Nationwide research program led by a group of researchers at Boston College.

The national average for snapchats while on toilet is about58% which means that the majority of people aged 18-49 take Snapchats while on the pooper. “It’s surprising, not going to lie, we had done a lot of research on people similar to Kevin in age, occupation, and living situation and in that category 86% of Snapchats are taken while on the toilet, so it was definitely surprising and we look forward to developing a relationship with Kevin ,” remarked head researcher Yvon Peterson from her Brookline condo.

As for Mr. Rawlings, he’s loving the attention, but knows it won’t last. “Yeah, it’s cool I guess, I don’t know. My couch is just so much more comfortable, I don’t know why more people don’t do that. It’s so gross to take Snapchats on the toilet, I just can’t imagine doing that.” Mr. Rawlings has a point. It’s disgusting.

Mr. Rawlings is hoping to become a partner at his law firm in October and he hopes that this story does not affect his chances.

As for this reporter, time to go take a dump and send a picture of it in group chat to all my friends!