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November 01, 2008


Since I vote early under the illusion of democracy still existing in this country.I surely hoped that the INsane McCain membrane stooges don't throw my vote away cause I'm in Arizona and I"m a democrat. I became a democrat after years if not decades of being an independent. I noticed a trend of idiots calling themselves independent and conservative as hell. I have in the past voted liberation(?) cause one of their platforms was decriminalization and/or legalized marijuana. This is a non-issue cause keeping marijuana illegal funds the government on both sides.America is the pimp mack daddy of the world. If McLame and Palintheass wins this tuesday.I'm saving up what little money i get and get my ass a passport out of this hellhole.We asll know that Karl Rove stole the election back in 2000 for Bush and never got time like the guy who appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher who admit his part of theivery.I don't mean to sound like Lindsay Lohan in her so-called political blog but I just got to this computer and I don't have time to write this blog out as well as I used to.When i found the name who appeared on Bill Maher's Real Time I will write his name down. If nobody stole the election and the country is still hung on electing a black man then we deserve everything we get! All I know I done my part and that's all I can do!