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Published October 19, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published October 19, 2009
OK,So in a country of millions of people I'm sure a couple million think that they're creative...With all those creative people...creating(sorry) there is bound to be some's the thousand monkey's at a thousand typewriters argument.And now we live in an age where it's incredibly easy to create and share so the copy's can be spotted with greater efficiency.And with my job as a video screener i get to see them all.I won't bore you with how many videos i watch that revolve around-masturbating-going to the bathroom-rapping-masturbatingor-masturbatingBut i will point out these two videos uploaded days apart with the exact same joke.EnjoyBop-it extremeandBop-it!Now i believe "Bop-it!" (which was uploaded first) is the superior video.But really i just love that two separate groups of people produced two seperate videos about making love to a Bop-it.Indeed we are all monkeys at typewriters.Good dayJack