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November 05, 2008


I am listening to sooooo many folks offer up their frightened belief that Obama is now going to strip them of every cent.  How can so many stupid folks run such an accomplished nation? Honestly, many of you actually believe Barack has despatched Hell-Fiends riding the stormy night sky to find just YOU and take all your money. First of all, are YOU that stupid stinkin' rich? SERIOUSLY?  YOU have money?????  I have lived through many many presidencies and I have never had money and NONE of the presidents I have lived through ever came hunting for the pitance I had.  If you're as broke as you say, you have nothing to fear.  Now, if you're flush...you still have nothing to fear.  My Grandma hit it right on the head when she said: "God, help the poor because the rich can take care of themselves." And again, I harken to my lifetime of observance, I have never seen any president strip those with money of their money.  I watched the better off build their custom designed homes and buy their big boats, cars and take expensive ski vacations.  So, it's very hard for me to believe that any president is taking anybody's money.  If you can buy all that stuff--then the president isn't too good at taking your money.