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June 23, 2013

There is no debating that the ways we communicate have changed greatly over time. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to get your message across, and it's kinda confusing if you ask me. So join me in sticking to texting.

Communicating with the opposite sex has been considered a challenge that experts say dates back to always. Although some really cool popular kids may say that this communication gap has improved since the era of passenger pigeons and AIM, others are not fooled and argue that this sudden burst of innovative technology has actually led to more confusion when it comes to communication.

As great minds continue to develop new and exciting ideas and candy crush saga continues to drain batteries everywhere, picking up the phone to ask a girl on a date seems more and more 2012. Nowadays there are a number of ways that you can express your interest without projectiling waiting for a girl to answer the phone. A few apps in particular that I know have surfaced among the high school and college crowds are "Snapchat" and "Tinder." 

Snapchat allows you to send a picture to one of your contacts for a certain amount of time ranging from one-second to ten-seconds (if you're really confident) before it is then deleted. Taking this route basically says that you want to hook up with whoever you are snapchatting, but no one can ever find out, kind of like a criminal who wants to cover up the evidence. When I tried to interview a random high school kid and avid Snapchat user about why this app has become so popular he said, "You're stupid and this article is stupid." Tinder on the other hand allows you to superficially rate, message, and even meet strangers from around your area because some people really want to be part of a horror movie.

Although I admit that these are some top-notch alternatives for courting your crush, it is unanimously agreed upon by me that texting is still the number one choice when it comes to communication. In a way, texting is more of a talent and just like sports, requires practice and often times failure. It's obvious that texting does in no way, shape or form convey your thoughts as well as picking up the phone or participating in face-to-face interactions, but fuck it, those things are terrifying.

Now, I'm not claiming to be the Michael Jordan of texting, I'm more of a J.R Smith giving some solid play off the bench, but for the folks sitting at home wanting some tips, here are my two cents. First, this is a dangerous sport and it's not for everyone. One sext can ruin your entire career. You really have to read your audience: Sprinkle in "lol" wisely, make sure to wait AT LEAST 10 minutes before responding, and if you're feeling bold throw in an emoji. Girls love emojis.