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December 17, 2012

This is a review of this essay

It’s really hard to write a good essay. Well, not for some but for many when they were learning these things in school they just weren’t paying attention. This essay in particular would fall under the sub-par category. Its basis of being about itself is narcissistic, unintelligible, and boring. This is the case for many articles and essays, but at least they aren’t about themselves.

Firstly, most essays are about something and offer at least an introduction, conclusion and three body paragraphs. To think that one would write an essay about its self comes across as egotistical, not only of the author, of the writings themselves. They often seem to drag on about nothing, except for what is currently happening, which is a very hard thing to put any thought into as it is happening at the moment. The conceited viewpoint of an essay about its self shows how little thought the author is willing to put into their writings.

Secondly, It takes a certain lack of intelligence to write and entire essay about itself, as there is no real research needed, one could compare different writing samples and decide in which direction it leans, but if the essay is about itself really in comparison to other essays it comes across as pointless. The point being that an essay should contain knowledge and gathered information for another person. “It would be pointless to cite anyone and it wouldn’t really matter if it was made up.” (Anne Frank, 92) This essay offers very few reasons for people to read it.

Lastly, it’s a slow and useless read, created only to waste ones time specifically the authors but also the reader.  At points the author may waste time just stating what is happening just to fill words and make the essay look like it has some type of importance or meaning. But clearly the only point is for someone to read it and question why they read it in the first place.  For one to have a good time reading most seek out a good viewpoint.

Therefore, It can only be ascertained that the author is a jerk. Some might say that the essay is a jerk but that wouldn’t make sense. It would almost seem vainglorious of the author to write such a thing, only to look up words to sound intelligent just to help keep the reader unsatisfied by the over all read. A review should have a rating; this essay gets a five out of ten. At the end of an essay a good writer would come up with a good conclusion.