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10. Take a shot every time somebody on FOX News says, " I love Obama". 


9.   Take a shot every time they reboot a franchise. 


8.  Take nine shots of Jameson every time you're offended by an Irish stereotype. 


7.  Take two shots of cough syrup every time you don't need them. 


6.  Take a shot every time Rebecca Black uses the word "meticulous". 


5. Take 35 shots of cognac every time you hear the word "the". 


4.  Take one or more shots of morphine or a similar numbing agent every time you're recovering from a painful operation. 


3.  Take several racy shots of yourself and post to Twitter if your dad's an ex-hockey player. 


2.  Take two shots of Jack Daniels every time somebody refers to you as "the intoxicated bus driver". 


1. Take three shots every time your sponsor says they believe in you. 



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