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May 29, 2015

The latest musicless musicvideo shows Rihanna working things out in the tub.

You know, sometimes I wonder if you even read the paragraph above videos like this, because, I mean, why would you? If I read that there was video footage of Rihanna farting in a tub, I’d click play faster than … Usain Bolt runs? Man, that feels like a really lazy analogy, but again, it doesn’t matter. You’re not even reading this.

Nevertheless, let’s give you all the relevant details. The latest in Mario Wienerroither‘s Musicless Musicvideo series, the video is a audio-stripped version of Rihanna’s Stay and finds the star quietly working out a few things while in the tub. Now here is where I would usually go into the importance of a video like this in today’s culture and how it tackles fame and the idea of celebrity, but again, why? You’re not even reading this.

H/T Death and Taxes