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September 20, 2016

These M&Ms promise to never melt in your hands ... unless you're into that sorta thing.

There’s a list out there for practically everything, so why not the Most Fuckable M&Ms? Besides, these M&Ms promise to never melt in your hands … unless you’re into that sorta thing.

10. Brown M&M

10 Brown.jpg

Sexy. Sweet. Sophisticated.

On a scale from 1-10, one being a regular plain M&M and 10 being a highly attractive, extremely fuckable M&M that you would want to kiss and do other stuff to, this M&M is easily an eight. Now throw back a couple too many chocolate milks in a darkened bar, and it’s not long before she becomes a 9.5.

9. Yellow Peanut M&M

9 Yellow Peanut.jpg

What’s not to fuck here? For starter’s HE’S GOT A JOB. Not to mention the fact that he wears both gloves and a hat, so you know he loves to accessorize, which, of course, means he’s well put together and that’s the kind of thing that translates directly into M&M fuckable-ness. And sure he’s bald, but, hey, we all have our imperfections.

8. 2-Peanuts-In-1 M&M

8 Two Peanuts.jpg

This is the M&M that all M&M-fuckers dream of. A “threesome” wherein everyone involved is a willing participant? Uh, sign me up!

Sidenote: This one’s is especially good for sticking up butts, if that’s more your speed.

7. Orange M&M

7 Orange.jpg

Everything you need to know about about Orange can be summed up in the three images above. He runs to stay in shape, he’s super flexible and it takes him an hour to finish. So why only number 7? He’s fuckable, but also, he knows it. And THAT’s a big turnoff.

6. M&M To Go Bottles

6 To Go Containers.jpg

Ooh baby, come on. Nothing is more willing to be fucked than something that has been designed to be carried with you at all times. And just look how horny these two look. Not to mention THOSE CURVES. OOH, THOSE CURVES. I mean, are you kidding me?

5. A Whole Bag Of Peanut Butter M&Ms

5 Peanut Butter.jpg

This bag is just screaming to be torn open and devoured over the course of a long night together. Plus, there’s a resealable zipper for all you kinky freaks out there.

4. Sour Skittles

4 Sour Skittles.jpg

You’ll love the way the sour part makes your dick feel.

3. The Red Ones

3 Red Ones.jpg

Yeah, definitely the red ones.

2. Green M&M

2 Green.jpg

This is a big-time upset, as Green was heavily favored by Vegas oddsmakers to finish at the top of this list.

The most suggestive M&M has never been shy about expressing her sexuality both in front of the camera and underneath the sheets. And while, she’s certainly down to get down, you should know, in the bedroom, she’s the boss. In this relationship, don’t be surprised if you’re the one who gets fucked.

1. Customized Wedding M&Ms

1 Wedding.jpg

Nothing is more fuckable than the idea of a life spent together.