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April 08, 2015

Conan O'Brien was challenged by Michelle Obama to do five chinups, but is unable to complete them without help from Kevin Hart.

As part of her ongoing #GimmeFive challenge, Michelle Obama called out Conan O'Brien to complete five full chin-ups. Of course, Conan has made a pretty handsome living all these years by being a very tall man who looks just good enough in a suit to appear nightly on television, so surely he’d have no problems doing a measly five chin-ups, right?

WRONG. The bird-armed host struggled from the start, but thankfully got a little celebrity assistance to complete the challenge. We won’t spoil the surprise cameo here, but let’s just say by the end of the challenge, Conan’s HART rate was off the charts.

Damnit. That spoiled it, didn’t it? Oops.