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Published: March 07, 2011
Description: rats! Wings and ears!
SOOoooo, Mike Tyson's new show  about racing pigeons has come under attack by PETA (People for the Eatable Treatment for Animals) accusing the champ of not caring for these animals.  "If he really loved them he wouldn't make them race and be torn away from their families." said some hairless cat huger from PETA. 

Animal Planet had no immediate response other than to puke a little in their mouths.

I think it's heart warming to see the birds (they don't have ears) being put to good use. I wonder if their agents get 10% of their pay?  Are they members of the Feathered Actor's Guild? 

I say the PETA folks should sit down to a nice baby seal steak dinner and chill.    
Tags: Really?