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March 17, 2017

The stars of Beauty and the Beast sat down with us to tell all about their new movie, but chaos erupts around them. Can you spot everything that happened during this insane interview?

With Beauty and the Beast arriving in theaters on Friday, we sat down with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens to learn a little bit about the new live-action remake. The stars both agreed to shoot the interview as a 360 degree immersive experience and our cameras picked up absolutely everything going on in the room. If you look closely, you may see a few surprises, including:

  • A man eating several hot dogs and loudly squeezing ketchup and mustard on them.
  • Woman applying lipstick all over her face
  • A sobbing bride being chase by a groom
  • An electrician using the lights to create shadow puppets
  • A cameraman who is constantly trying to adjust a broken tripod
  • A sound guy holding a boom that he keeps dropping
  • A clown bursting into the interview
  • A costume person dressing someone continuously with layers of clothes
  • A clown on a pogostick
  • Someone on a hoverboard being chased by security
  • Two PA’s playing jenga
  • A Mariachi band
  • Old Ladies Exercising.
  • Pizzas all over the floor
  • A cat on a roomba