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April 29, 2013

After NBA player Jason Collins announced he was gay today, NFL wide receiver Mike Wallace tweeted about it and was criticized. Here are the unsent followup tweets by Wallace.

[After NBA player Jason Collins announced he was gay today, NFL wide receiver Mike Wallace of the Miami Dolphins tweeted:

"All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH," Wallace said.

"I'm not bashing anybody don't have anything against anyone I just don't understand it."]


Mike Wallace's subsequent tweets:



People are misunderstanding my tweets. To me, it isn't about the gays, it's about the GUYS. Guys. SMH. Need I say more?


Apparently from reactions to that last tweet I do need 2 say more. To be gay, a man has to mess with other guys. Doesn't everybody else just see that guys aren't the kind of things any sane person would wanna mess with? So I'm having an understanding problem.


It's not just gay guys, u know, I'm also always wondering, why aren't all women lesbians? Seriously, there are all these beautiful women in the world and so many women wanna mess with guys? I don't get it. It's not like there's not an alternative to messing with guys.


The thing is, guys are revolting. Nothing against them, or anybody, I'm not a hater, but compared to women, who are beautiful, guys are piles of steaming, maggot infested crap. Or something kinda like that, I'm not saying I really understand them.


When I go out to dinner with a woman, I look at my date and just want to yell, "what are you thinking? All these beautiful women in this restaurant and you're dating me? Are you even aware that I'm a guy?" lol, but in sort of a sad, disgusted way.


Just my opinion BTW, I'm not bashing anyone, except maybe guys, who obviously couldn't possibly sexually excite any imaginable human being. A guy being at all attractive to anyone? I just don't see how.


I mean, I am one, I should know!!!


As your friend, gay men, I have to tell you, guys are not worth your time. Women, now, very worthwhile human beings. Also, beautiful. Guys? Best just keep away from them, trust me. So maybe you're SOL? I wish I had the answers.


I'm lucky, I get to be a wide receiver for the Dolphins. People wonder how I run so fast, but don't they see how many guys are trying to get near me at the time? What do people expect me to do, stick around and spend time with them?


I don't have any mirrors. Well, I have one mirror that I drew pretty hair and jewelry on so I can look at myself without vomiting.That way I can pretend I don't wanna brush the teeth of a, you know, guy.