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March 09, 2010


DiesesĀ  Zeiten Anderes Werden #29

Intrigieren: "Gymnastik und Tanz fuer Altere mit Peter Frankenfeld"

11.5 Hmmmmm, all those women look like World War I surplus.
11. Und after mit Tanz, komanzi das Oral Sex!"

10. Is that a weird fold in his pants or does he really love Polka?

9. Nothing like line dancing on Hitler's birthday.

8. Featuring: "The Electrik Slide into der Koffin"
??? Take the last train to Auschwitz and I'll meet you at the station...???

7.5. Peter Frankenfeld is the David Hasslehoff of senior living
7. Gymnastik und Tanz fur Altere is roughly translated to Dancing and the Art of Bitch Slapping

6. Why do I get the feeling they all have Gonorrhea?

5. Applaud your Aryan Masters to the funky beat or perish.

4. Now it's time for a good shower!

3. Ich bin ein sex machine.

2.5. All gymnastic and dance moves are to be performed naked a dvd can be purchased and will not show up on your credit card details.

2. Gymnastics and Dance makes you free

1.5. just don't let them dance too close to the Sudetenland
1.2. this record bombed in London.

1. "Whatcha gon' do with all that hate?
All that hate for different race?"
"I'm a get get get you sore,
Get you sore n' make Total War!"