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July 29, 2011

Pitch for a Frosted Flakes Tv Commercial

(I apologize for my English as this is a second language to me, leave me a comment if you like the pitch)

The sun is high upon the sky, a cowboy is riding on his horse.
Impressive trumphet music that would shame any Sergio Leone picture plays loudly as our hero like a lightning bolt races the prairie on his trusted steed.

His clothes are dirty, his boots are worn and his face depicts recent dirty deeds, all he has left is his gun and a filled satchel on the side of his horse.

The sun is setting and our hero now arrives at a huge valley, nothing but bushes and empty lands are to be seen, but as he starts to ride down the valley in the distance appears a lonely small wooden house, the cowboy pushes the horse even more, finally home.

Upon arriving at the house he quickly jumps off the horse, grabs the satchel and walks in the house.
Inside we see a loving wife and two young children sitting patiently at the dinning table. its a modest home to say the least, everything is made of wood and there are cracks in the walls.
No words are shared, the cowboy hastily empities his satchel on the table, several boxes of Frosted Flakes fall out.
With heads bowed down and no apperent thrill in their eyes, the children obediently starts to eat the Frosted Flakes.
The wife with a respectfull expression on her face looks up at the man still standing and says: 

'Why do we always have to eat...'

She does not get to finish that sentence as the cowboy sends her a fast and hard slap on the cheek
Obviously worked up over this unreasonable questioning of his judgement, the cowboy angrily replies:


The wife shocked to recieve the slap looks down at the Frosted Flakes and as the children slowly starts to eat. Satisfied and with great appetite our hero sits down and joins in on the feast himself.

As we view the family around the table a 'Kellogs™' logo slides down the screen
and a calm, soothing voiceover says:

'Frosted Flakes.... because we say so'