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Published August 15, 2012 More Info »
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Published August 15, 2012
Jada Pinkett Smith sat down with Essence Magazine recently to dispel rumors that she andWill Smith were getting divorced, even comparing such rumors to the Biblical figure Job. So we at Hollywood Leek decided to share 11 Reasons why we believe this celeb couple is forever… 1. Because Jada’s marriage contract isn’t up for another 2 years. 2. Because Will does all Jada’s clothes shopping for her. 3. Because neither really wants sole custody of Willow.   4. Because Jada said so in the press, and a celebrity’s word is good as gold. 5. Because she’s the only one that still laughs at his jokes. 6. Because they took a vow before God and/or L.Ron Hubbard. 7. Because they are a happy heterosexual couple (unless you’ve heard something different). 8. Because Jada is still acting director ofScientology’s League of Beards. 9. Because in Hollywood, marriage is a sacred institution. 10. Because if the Travolta’s can make it, so can they.   Read more celebrity news:After Divorcing Cruise, Holmes Leaves League of BeardsWill Smith Uses Scientology Ninja Attack Against Reporter Who Kissed Him‘MIB3? Plot Revealed: Will Smith Goes Back In Time to Stop Production of ‘MIB2?