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September 25, 2015

Whoa, do those crazy social- justice warriors on the internet even KNOW about these German guys?

Are you sitting down? Because we have some big news we’re about to share with you. This morning while browsing the internet we came across something shocking. No, it wasn’t Pizza Rat or any other hot “meme” having it’s quick 15 minutes; it was something we’d never heard of before.

Now we’ve heard of feminazis, of course, the shrieking women that police the free speech of normal men on the internet, but have you guys heard of just regular Nazis? Yeah, neither had we. Turns out it’s some predecessor to the whole feminazi movement and they were pretty bad dudes. Someone better not tell those social justice gender warriors on Tumblr that their whole feminazi movement is based off of not only a group of men, but men who didn’t like women very much. Lol, they would flip their shit!

There were other types of people the regular Nazis didn’t like, too, but we didn’t look much more into that. While it’s kind of surprising these illogical women who don’t get jokes — even hilarious ones — might have derived from these Nazi dudes, it kinda makes sense. Here we were just assuming they sprang forth from the fiery pits of hell, aka out of the comments section of Jezebel, but BOOM now there were these other German Nazis — Germanazis — who apparently also sucked. Well, there was no way Nazis were as bad as feminazis are, and certainly not as annoying, but as things evolve they get stronger. That’s just science.

Man, these little girls look like real n00bs don’t they? Real Nazis were probably way cooler than feminazis ever will be. And probably way hotter too. They probably didn’t all wear some stupid outfit that identified them. You can spot a feminazi by her gay cargo shorts and a pin with a “woman’ symbol on it and the sound of all that sand grinding around in their pussies. Anyway, it would be terrible to think what would happen if the feminazis started doing what the regular Nazis did. Good thing this Hitler guy who ran them never had his own subreddit to bitch about video games or we’d all be fucked.

Anyway, just thought we would bring this up for them because if you don’t learn history you are doomed to repeat it. Not that feminazis are ever able to learn anything - they’re basically as dumb as Jews.