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October 25, 2011

Animal Diaries

…the hippo casually followed the realtor through yet another potential home, overwhelmed by the beauty, sheer elegance of the place. As she carried on about each amenity, he couldn’t help but reflect on just how far he’d come in the past three years. From a junkie turning tricks on the street to a big shot Hollywood actor; starring in his own biographical film. Yes, it would appear the dark days were behind him and his revival was complete. He calmly faded out of his contemplation and directed his attention back to the realtor. “…and all the counter tops are white marble” she added before moving to the living room. The hippo stopped in his tracks, grabbed the realtor by the arm, and spun her around to face him. “Wait…did you say…white marble…?” His lip quivered and his mouth began to water. He shook the woman like a rag doll, screaming “Where’s that white marble!? Gimme that white marble baby! Come on baby - Daddy’s Hungry!!! DADDY’S A HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO!!!” The realtor was speechless; frozen by the scene unfolding before her. “Ah FUCK YOU! You don’t know me!” he shouted before grabbing her purse and charging through the sliding glass door. The dream was over; the addiction reignited…