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July 09, 2011

Rapper/"Pimp My Ride" host/renowned historian Xzibit


Rapper Xzibit, best known as the host of the 2004-2007 MTV show Pimp My Ride wrote via Twitter today that the practice of opening doors with your left hand, and not your right, is “the stupidest shit ever” and implied that the practice is racist.

The comments are in response to a series of photographs published on the TMV website that shows a number of celebrities driving, adjusting their clothing and opening cars (including car doors) with their left hands, often while talking on their phones or performing other tasks with their right.

Among the famous people pictured were Seth Green, Miley Cyrus, Al Pacino, Kristin Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker and Justin Bieber.

image Racist bitch Miley Cyrus
He wrote that the practice started in slavery days when slave masters would damage the right hands of the household slaves with clubs so that they couldn’t use their primary hand to attack their master. The slaves would therefore have to perform most normal tasks with their left hand.

“This trend is not cool and it’s not fun. When you see old pictures of slaves opening doors for people in slavery days they’re always doing it with their left hand, because the slave owners damaged their right hands. Educate yourselves.”

Xzibit had no comment on whether or not people who were actually left-handed were racist or not.