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October 01, 2008


Our Top Ten Most Viewed Videos

From YouTube , the now-defunct SuperDeluxe , FunnyOrDie , and MySpace

1. Tough Guy   4255

2. If My Roommate   3112

3. Kidfight!    2122

4. Mission Statement    1363

5. Boobies   1189

6. Bad Dad   1117

7. The Forgotten   979

8. Playing Soldier  957

9. Basement Science   931

10. Hitmen   895



Shit, last time, Bad Dad sat at number ten and we were hoping to squash it into infinity. Looks like the video widely held as our worst (or one of them) surged forward and claimed itself the number six spot, despite being one of our only videos not found on multiple video sites. Hitmen actually dropped to number ten while the top three didn't change. Boobies and Mission Statement did a switcheroo, The Forgotten dropped down one as well, Mr. Gerbils and Interrogation disappeared off the top ten completely, and Basement Science and Playing Soldier entered the list at nine and eight, respectively.

Who the hell fucking watches Bad Dad? Is that why we're not super famous? All the Hollywood producers end up watching Bad Dad because the title rhymes?

Click on the YouTube link above to watch all the videos we have, and tell us your favorite!