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April 09, 2015

Chewbacca stars in this parody of the Louie opening credits. Stars? More like Star Wars.

With their latest release, Chewie, our nerd-ish friends over at Nerdist have created perhaps the perfect internet parody video. In the minute-long clip, Chewbacca, a non-human character from the film Star Wars, walks through New York City just like the human character played by Louis C.K. does during the opening credits of the hit TV series, Louie. They even remade the song and everything. It’s quite a big to-do.

Notice how it hits almost all of the most viral-y internet buttons, including, but not limited to, nerd culture, TV theme songs, general rhyming, and, most importantly, pizza. Plus, the new season of Louie premieres tonight (April 9) on FX, so it’s like, PERFECT timing. This video should do very well on the internet, but pay special attention to Chewie’s stand-up chunk at the end of the clip. We think it’s especially relevant in today’s politically charged climate.

via Nerdist / Uproxx